Caturday: 11 Shameless Cats Who Are Lazy as Fuck

It's Caturday! If you think you're not productive enough, think about it this way: it can always be much worse. Compare yourself with these GIFs below and you're probably a hard worker!


A cat on the leash that slides across the floor


A cat who lets himself drop step by step from the stairs


A cat who's constantly trying to play with a ball that's only an inch away.


A cat lying down when placed on a treadmill


A cat who's chilling in a glass bowl


A cat who lets himself being slid across the floor


A cat who's too lazy to play with a tracking tunnel ball


A cat who's lying down after being stroked


A cat who doesn't respond when confronted with a toy


A cat lies next to the drinking bowl and drinks water off his paw


A cat lying on his back on a chair

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