Thrashing Thursday: 13 Old School Songs Worth Listening To

Every thursday is dedicated to bringing some great thrash metal to your attention. In this post we will cover some masterpieces from the 80s! Click on the title to hear its song on Youtube, horns up!

1. A Cautionary Tale by Sabbat

Band photo of Sabbat

2. Let There Be Death by Onslaught

3. Deny the Cross by Overkill

Band photo of Overkill

4. Black Magic by Slayer

Band photo of Slayer

5. Beneath the Remains by Sepultura

Band photo of Sepultura

6. Khomaniac by Artillery

Band photo of Artillery

7. Alone in the Dark by Testament

Band photo of Testament

8. Into the Crypts of Rays by Celtic Frost

Band photo of Celtic Frost

9. Voracious Souls by Death Angel

Band photo of Death Angel

10. A Lesson in Violence by Exodus

Band photo of Exodus

11. Tormentor by Kreator

Band photo of Kreator

12. Nuclear Winter by Sodom

Band photo of Sodom

13. Curse the Gods by Destruction

Band photo of Destruction


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