Thrashing Thursday: 7 Underrated Thrash Albums From the 80s

In addition to The Big Four there are many bands that deserve more credits. Although this list may never be complete, here are some albums worth checking out.


Paradox - Heresy ©1989


Recommended song: "Heresy"


Toxik - World Circus ©1987


Recommended song: "Heart Attack"


Realm - Endless War ©1988


Recommended song: "Second Coming "


Cyclone - Brutal Destruction ©1986


Recommended song: "Prelude to the end"


Sabbat - History of a Time To Come ©1988


Recommended song: "A Cautionary Tale"


Razor - Violent Restitution ©1988


Recommended song: "Hypertension"


Xentrix - Shattered Existence ©1989


Recommended song: "Dark Enemy"


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