Purrodii was founded to contribute to a metal lifestyle by creating a different kind of apparel for metalheads.

As its founder Edwin explains: I loved wearing t-shirts from my favorite metal bands, but their images became predictable: skulls, devils and so on.
At one point I decided that, in addition to my current t-shirts, I wanted something different, something I haven’t seen before!
I've searched at marketplaces for uncommon shirts, yet somehow these designs weren't appealing enough for me.
Then, one day I was thinking about my cats and got a great idea. Their behaviour often makes me laugh my ass off, if you have cats, then you probably know what I'm talking about!
Inspired by these marvelous and paranoid creatures, I challenged myself to design my own metal t-shirts.
After more than a dozen iterations, I finally found a new style that I would want to wear.