Whether you're going to a concert or expanding your t-shirt collection, here's a list of 3 simple reasons why you should choose Purrodii.

1. Metal and Cats

Although this cute and paranoid creature occasionally breaks your stuff and often behaves like he really doesn’t give a F***, you can't live without him, right? That's okay, you are not the only metalhead with a cat obsession!

2. Rather Unusual

In contrast to the usual kind of metal shirts, picture yourself that creepy devils, black coffins and blood splashes are replaced by furry friends, litter boxes and explosive diarrhea.

3. Quite Amusing

Our customers report an average 81% increase in laughs, about nine times of the industry's average. Take that with a grain of salt but what we can tell you is this: we know (from first-hand experiences) that wearing our t-shirts will even make brutal metalheads smile.


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